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Sailability Italy was created in 2004 in Sabaudia, near Rome, on a lagoon where the sailing school "Scuola Vela Sabaudia" has its location.
The Scuola Vela Sabaudia started its activity in 1982, and became well known because the president Luigi Zambon created the first large sailing boat which can be totally managed by a disabled person. He also created a shipyard "Sabaudia Etica" with the aim of building such boats ( ).
The shipyard is also about to produce an accessible motor boat for going out swimming and fishing or diving.

The Scuola Vela Sabaudia has also a long experience in teaching sailing to disabled, and uses 2.4 boats and a Dream. Now, of course, the school owns 3 Liberties!
To be selected as the starting point for Sailability in Italy became, therefore, very natural.
After visiting the place and meeting the people and the organization, Jackie kay and Chris Mitchell decided that Sabaudia and the nearby harbour of San Felice Circeo were the right place to organize a World Championship for Access Dinghies.

Sailability Italy has created a new Sailability Centre near Venice and north of Rome with Scuola Vela Maldimare which bought two liberties and one 303.
There are also new contacts for increasing the number of Sailability Centers in this country.

There is now great activity for the organization of the "Sabaudia's Cup" (October 1 - 10) with the aim of creating an unforgettable experience for the sailors and the friends who will come to this very attractive coast of the Mediterrane sea.

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